What The World Needs Now Is More Women Mentors

From Forbes authored by Carla Caralini

“Nobody makes it alone. If you’ve ascended the corporate ladder, you know how true this is.

Research shows that successful CEOs reached the top because they sought out mentors along the way. In a survey of 1,250 top executives, two-thirds reported having a mentor and 29 % of respondents out-earned their unmentored colleagues. They also reported being happier than those who did not have mentors.

What’s more, every single successful female executive in this research study reported having a mentor.

Why does this matter so much? Consider these stats. Today, women earn 38 % of the MBAs but make up only 2 % of S&P 500 CEOs and occupy just one in five board seats. Women’s progress in the corner offices and boardrooms of America has stalled.

To help turn this trend around, we need more women mentoring women.”

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