Women Lawyers are Being Driven to Drink

From Tonic authored by Britni De La Cretaz:

“The morning before Lisa F. Smith, the author of Girl Walks Out of A Bar: A Memoir, checked herself into rehab, she says her breakfast consisted of a bottle of red wine and several lines of cocaine. It was her morning routine, and she needed the alcohol and drugs in her system in order to make it to her job at a law firm every day. When she finally decided she needed help, the last thing she wanted to do was let the firm know that she was struggling with addiction.

“When I checked myself into detox, I told [the law firm] I had a stomach issue and that I would be out for a week. I told them I’d be back the next week,” Smith, 51, tells me over the phone from her office in New York City. “They [the detox] wanted me to go to a 20-day longer rehab. And I was like absolutely not, I can’t tell my law firm I’m going to rehab. It’s not happening.”

So Smith went right back to work. She says she went into an intensive night rehab because she couldn’t go during the days, and she started going to 12-step meetings. “It’s a miracle I stayed sober because I wouldn’t recommend the approach anyone,” she says. “‘I went back [to work] and everyone was like, ‘How’s your stomach?'”


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