Your Marriage Is Over—Who Gets Custody of the Pets?

From Glamour authored by Melissa Batchelor Warnke:

“When Maddy, a 39-year-old gallery founder living in Virginia, split from her husband, she imagined their parting would be placid. Aspirational even. Their home would be informally partitioned—she would live in one part, he in another, then there would be a common area in which their two children, along with their Boston terrier and standard poodle, would roam freely. “I thought we were going to have this amazing Scandinavian divorce,” she says.

Yeah, no. That plan hit the skids. Instead, she found a pet-friendly apartment building and assumed the animals would go with her because she says her ex was never crazy about the pets. “But he insisted he have the dogs sometimes too,” she says. So, after much negotiation, they came to an off-the-books agreement: The pooches would commute back and forth with the kids. They’ve been doing that weekly shuffle for six years.”

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