This Week in GIRL ATTORNEY (July 3-9)

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  • A week ago tonight, at exactly this time, I couldn’t sleep. I picked up my phone, and a little after midnight I started [finally] writing the “Description” for the Group I created back in November of last year.

  • On Sunday morning, I changed the group settings from “secret” to “public,” “joined” 46 of my girl attorney friends to the Group, and wrote my own introduction.

  • Over the next/past seven (7) days nearly 1,400 more women were brought into the group by their friends. THAT’S NEARLY A 3,000 PERCENT INCREASE. Well, according to a percentage-change calculator I found through Google – and also assuming I submitted the data correctly in the first place…but, assuming arguendo (I love using that word) that I actually screwed up the calculations because I’m so bad at math that I can’t even enter the numbers correctly….46 to over 1,400. THAT’S A LOT OF US.

  • Women have been offered lunches, information, advice, support, encouragement, job connections, job advice, office space, lunch*, community, themselves, their stories – undirected, unrestricted, unscripted – this week as been our stories, OURSELVES.

  • A dear friend and supporter asked me mid-week, “Do you have any ‘original content’? What’s driving your growth?” Of course, the answer is: we have tons of original content – it’s YOU. It’s US. It’s every person’s story. ORIGINAL. AUTHENTIC. SUBSTANCE.

  • Girls…some news – tomorrow (Sunday, 7/10) – I will launch our new (and the only ever REAL logo) for our Group. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’ll post it at noon, CST. All credits go to my sister, Sally, who has been working this week to get to know our Group as it has grown – so that she could create an image that reflected us as a whole. I don’t know how she does her voodoo-magic graphic design stuff. She just does it, and she does it so well that she earned herself a freaking Grammy for CD packaging a few years ago. We’re lucky to have her working for us. Plus, for no money down… 😉

  • ALSO, don’t forget the OKC-area *meet-up this Friday (click on the “Event” tab to find and rsvp if you can come). I’ll plan to take a final tally by Wednesday at noon. AND, if you are – or have friends out east that might be interested in a Philadelphia meet-up in a couple of weekends, let me know.

Okay…well that’s this week in GA! Goodnight Girl Attorneys!

Susan Carns Curtiss, Founder GIRL ATTORNEY

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