This Week in GIRL ATTORNEY (July 10-16)

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  • We’ve grown from just over 1,400 STRONG to NEARLY 2,400 There IS strength in numbers, ladies – and with nearly 480,000 Girl Attorneys in the U.S….we are well on our way there. Hahahaha

  • On a more practical note – we got a docket covered in Candian County, Oklahoma, made referrals for Girl Attorneys in U.S. states across the country, a couple of us (who met initially through GA) coordinated a meeting with a congressman’s staff about getting a particular bill passed, and we congratulated Girls for their upcoming nuptials, babies and anticipated bar passing. (You’ll Do It!)

  • We commemorated the 15th Anniversary of Legally Blonde (moment of silence, please).

  • The question was asked….what advice would you give a new lawyer? And it was answered, most-keenly, with: “Catch all the Pokemon.” (Okay, in all seriousness, there were over FORTY informed, wise, and practical responses to this question – I mean, answers that are the stuff of self-help books that SELL WELL!) But/so, please forgive me – I truly can’t help it if my favorite answer was technically the most juvenile.

  • AND, in OKC (and including at least one GA who DROVE FROM TULSA TO BE HERE), we enjoyed the INAUGURAL GA lunch….complete with GA-contributed homemade brownies and lemon bars, a neighborhood block packed with luxury cars (my Prius was in the garage, after all)….one Girl Attorney mentioned to me, “Guess your neighbors must be thinking, who let the riff-raff into the neighborhood??! All these Mercedes and BMWs…” hahaha, and more-than-enough (by a long shot) TexMex. THANK YOU to everyone who came – you made it the great gathering that it was!

  • HEAD’S UP Austin and DFW areas….be watching for meet-ups created in the Event tab!

  • THIS GIRL – After my post about the amazing Susie Wilson, (where I arguably – definitely, actually – OVERUSE the expression “This Girl” to make my point) it occurred to me that Girl Attorney should have a “column” that features a brief interview of one of us…weekly/monthly? It would be called “This Girl” and be another way for us to get to know each other better. So, be watching for that!

  • ALSO…be watching for a new announcement about the future of Girl Attorney next Friday (7/16/16) at noon!

Okay…well that’s this week in GA! Goodnight Girl Attorneys!

Susan Carns Curtiss, Founder and CEO GIRL ATTORNEY, LLC

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