This Week in GIRL ATTORNEY, LLC (July 17-23)

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THANK YOU to those of you who introduced yourselves this – our THIRD – week! It has been so fun for me – and for everyone, of course – to get to know you, your work, your past accomplishments (and mistakes), and your future goals! The life and breath of the GIRL ATTORNEY FB Group is each of you…all 2,464 (what the heck?!) of you! XO

BEST OF LUCK THIS WEEK to each of you GIRLS getting ready to take Bar exams! Of course we have a large contingency of State of Oklahoma Bar takers this week (Tues & Wed) – BUT, I ALSO know of one of ours taking the Massachusetts Bar Exam this week (Wed & Thurs), as well. Any others? Tell us when and where GIRLS, and be prepared to have LOADS of good vibes, happy thoughts, and prayer to support you! YOU’LL DO IT!!!

LUNCHEONS!! Not just one, but TWO meet-ups south of the Red River have been set up and are being hosted by fellow fabulous Girl Attorneys:

· Austin (Hostess: Faustine Curry) – August 5 @ El Arroyo Restaurant

· DFW (Hostess: Eileen McCombs) – August 12 @ Shady Valley Country Club

For some reason (probably because FB is the devil), I had no trouble RSVP’ing to the Austin Lunch – but could NOT RSVP to the DFW Lunch without (eventually) contacting Eileen directly. SO, if you would like to go to either or both of these and can’t just “click through” to say that you are going – please contact the hostess, or me, directly by PM. We’ll get ya on the list!

ISSUES of life and family and work and social justice – were ALL addressed in respectful and compelling dialogue this week in the Group. No surprise there; we are who we are.

FINALLY, I want to take a minute to remind everyone to please try to avoid (translation – it’s not exactly a total ban) the temptation to REPOST stories/links to other sites. Please consider, instead, POSTING your own unique thoughts about the topics of interest to you! Again, of course – there is so much great content “out there” – but, too much of that content linked into the Group can really SPAM up the GIRL ATTORNEY FB feed. So, proceed with thoughtful caution. Thank you!

Okay…well that’s it for now, and my overview of this week in GA! Goodnight, Girl Attorneys!

Susan Carns Curtiss, Founder and CEO GIRL ATTORNEY, LLC

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