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WOO HOO!!! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say – I am so glad this last week is over!

So, on that topic – CONGRATULATIONS to each of you GIRLS who took your Bar exams – all across the U.S. this week! YOU DID IT! Don’t forget to share your victory lap with us when the results come in!


WELCOME to all the new members – we continue to grow in numbers which is great, of course. But, more importantly we are growing geographically, in ethnic diversity, and most of all…we are meeting and hearing from more of each other, helping each other, and learning from each other. There are few things more awesome in this life than “spaces” that feel safe enough to show our vulnerabilities and allow us to learn from others. GIRL ATTORNEY FB page is seeking to provide that type of space – to make us all wiser and stronger for it.

So, more about that…Thank you to those of you who introduced yourselves this week. Also, for those of you who have yet to do so – Just do it! It’ll make you feel good!



THIS FRIDAY · Austin (Hostess: Faustine Curry) · August 5 @ El Arroyo Restaurant NEXT FRIDAY · DFW (Hostess: Eileen McCombs) · August 12 @ Shady Valley Country Club


THIS FRIDAY · Norman, Oklahoma (Hostess: Xian Adams) · August 5 @ Blu Fine Wine & Food

CLOSE THE GAP RUN!! Sign up or donate – follow this link!

THIS SATURDAY – Tulsa, Oklahoma (Organizer: Pansy Moore-Shrier) · August 6 @ Guthrie Green


This is really just a re-post from last week: I want to take a minute to remind everyone to please try to avoid the temptation to REPOST stories/links to other sites, memes, etc… Please consider, instead, POSTING your own unique thoughts about the topics of interest to you! Again, of course – there is so much great content “out there” – but, too much of that content linked into the Group can really SPAM up the GIRL ATTORNEY FB feed. So, please proceed with thoughtful caution.

If you do post a link from an outside source – a couple of things to consider:

  1. Please include, at least, your own thoughts or comments regarding the issue or article in your original post.

  2. Please consider putting the link into the first comment. Thank you!

There’s my overview of this week in GA! Goodnight, Girl Attorneys!

Susan Carns Curtiss, Founder and CEO GIRL ATTORNEY, LLC

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