‘Flaming feminist litigator’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg sets up Supreme Court term

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg looked out at the first year law class she was about to address at Georgetown Law on Wednesday and smiled broadly after being told the majority of the class were women.

“To look out a class like this is exhilarating,” the 84-year-old justice said. Ginsburg graduated from Columbia 58 years ago and there were only nine female students in her entering class. She would go on, as a young lawyer, to blaze new trails in the field for gender equality.
The moderator of Wednesday’s event — law dean William Treanor — asked Ginsburg how she chose her early career path.
She rephrased his question.
“How did I decide to become a flaming feminist litigator?” she asked.
The audience, including President Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany, who is a first-year student at the school, burst into laughter.”

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