Office Politics: A Skill Women Should Lean Into

From Harvard Business Review authored b

“Who says women don’t like office politics? Just about everyone: My clients. My colleagues. My mother. The sommelier at the French restaurant I ate lunch at last weekend. They’ve all complained about office politics. Some women claim they are not good at it, while others simply avoid certain hot-button business situations because they think playing politics is “sleazy.”

Need more evidence? In 2013, my partners and I conducted a combination of surveys and interviews with over 270 female managers in Fortune 500 organizations to determine what they liked and disliked about business meetings, and one of the things that repeatedly fell into the dislike column was politics. In the process of coaching and training women leaders over the course of a decade, we’ve maintained a running list of common threads—and a disdain of office politics is in the top three. In reviewing several thousand 360-degree feedback surveys we found that both women and their managers cite political savvy as an ongoing development need for women.”

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