Big Law Is Still an Old Boys’ Club

Being the minority, in any instance, makes you vulnerable to abuses by the majority.

While women are no longer graduating law school in the minority – not for a while now, actually – we are still the minority in terms of overall numbers. Particularly so, too, in certain areas of law, such as litigation.

This article gives a great overview of some issues that many women are still – persistently – dealing with in the workplace. These experiences can dishearten, frustrate, distract from, and even prohibit a productive workday – LET ALONE a productive career.

I hope I can encourage all of you (regardless of your personal exposure/experience with these situations) that there is value in being mindful of these stories – for one, it will better prepare you to respond in a professional, confident manner, when/if the time comes. Also, it better prepares you to listen and encourage your colleague(s) who comes to you with their painful and confusing experience.

This article also does such a nice job telling us about some places of solidarity that can be found through social media/online. One such place is HERE in the GIRL ATTORNEY® Community of many Groups.

[NOTE: I also want to express a special thank you to the writer at Medium, Anna Dorn, who reached out to me a few weeks ago about including GIRL ATTORNEY® in this story and who now has a best friend (whether she likes it or not) in me, for being kind enough to help us get the word out to a wider audience. Also, I encourage you to check out her work as a whole – some really fabulous articles on these issues.

Please consider sharing the article and letting friends know that if they want to join the GIRL ATTORNEY® Community, to let you know (if you are FB Friends you can just add them) or to complete the simple form on the Girl Attorney website:]


Susan Carns Curtiss, Founder/CEO Girl Attorney, LLC

From Medium authored by Anna Dorn:

“On HBO’s hit series Insecure, Molly is a Type A third-year associate in Biglaw, a colloquialism for the world’s top law firms. On season two, Molly mistakenly receives the paycheck of her white male coworker, a slacker, and realizes that he makes significantly more money than she does. In earlier episodes, Molly struggles to bond with the firm’s powerful, white male partners who seem to care only about golf. These scenes demonstrate Biglaw’s seemingly impenetrable glass ceiling, as well as how it remains an “old boys’ club.”

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