Schools don’t know to handle girls’ menstrual periods, and their education is suffering because of it


…HEY, do you know when your period is? Well, as a matter of fact, YOU probably do – but do you remember when you didn’t? Do you remember finding out for THE FIRST TIME? Or finding out for the first time WHAT WAS TOO LONG to go without changing your pad/tampon? You were, almost-certainly in middle school at the time, and you have almost certainly learned that lesson a time or two after that when you [technically] knew better.

I hope you find this article as fascinating as I did. The story is about a particular school, but it makes me wonder how well educated our school districts, across the nation, are. I also wonder (not rhetorically, actually) how powerful it would be for any/all of the state Girl Attorney Groups to facilitate a handful of women from each state finding out what training (IF ANY) their respective state is providing to its schools regarding how to be SURE that a girl’s education is not disrupted simply due to the body she was issued at birth.

What with the fact that the public schools in the U.S. (which my kids have been in from “day one”) are in such terrible shape as they are, plus explicit bias, PLUS implicit bias…making sure that girls are getting equal access to education in our country (and particularly so, those that are not Caucasian) is NOT going to just happen on its own.

Eyes and ears open, ladies – maybe ask your daughters what’s up at their school. Worst case scenario – you learn something disturbing, and you and a few Girl Attorney friends show up to help move the ball forward to make a difference. Best case scenario – you learn something encouraging and you get to write a “Thank You” note to someone in leadership in your state to thank them for getting it right for your Girls.



Susan Carns Curtiss, Founder/CEO Girl Attorney, LLC

From Vox authored by Anna North:



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