Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had a Very Different Path to Power than Brett M. Kavanaugh

From Medium authored by Petula Dvorak:

“The senator stared down at the Supreme Court nominee, declaring “I think we need to judge you as a total person.”

Are we talking brewskis, boofing and Beach Week here?

Come on, senator! They were just teens.

Oops, wait. This was Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., as he pressed Ruth Bader Ginsburg during her 1993 Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

The big scandal during that hearing? The senators — nearly all of them men — had their pinstripes in a twist because of Ginsburg’s work on cases advocating for women’s rights.

Kohl said he was “a little bit confused about the tension between the somewhat restrictive role you describe for judges and the much more dynamic role that you adopted as an advocate,” according to the hearing transcripts now catalogued in the Library of Congress.

Sigh, right?

Those were the good old days, when the juiciest mention in the 691 pages of testimony was Ginsburg’s confession that she liked the movie “Sleepless in Seattle.” Especially the soundtrack.”

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