‘Balancing the Scales’: Have Women Lawyers’ Expectations Changed in the Past 50 Years?

From Attorney at Work authored by Kristin Tyler:

“I’m in my 30s and I’m a single, childless associate who has no idea if I will be on partnership track. I have considered dropping out of the law entirely as I’m not sure if I can physically do this anymore. How can I communicate my needs to my firm without sounding like a whiny millennial?”

“This was one of the most poignant questions at a recent viewing of “Balancing the Scales,” a documentary about women lawyers in America. Filmmaker Sharon Rowen visited Las Vegas for a screening of the movie and led a panel discussion following it. Rowen is a litigator from Atlanta who began making documentaries like this over 20 years ago.

Panelists included Kathy England, a former president of the Nevada State Bar and partner at Gilbert & England Law Firm; Erika Pike Turner, partner at Garman Turner Gordon; Sylvia Tiscareno, general counsel for William Hill; and Moorea Katz, associate attorney at the H1 Law Group.

Responding to the young associate, Rowen noted, ‘Some of the old guard will never change. Just know that. There are some women who have come through the fire and are disdainful of younger women wanting it to be easier than how they had it. Things will change one person at a time. You have to individually evaluate your situation.’”

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