Lady Hale: at least half of UK judiciary should be female

From The Guardian authored by Diane Taylor:

“At least half of the judiciary should be women, Britain’s most senior judge has said.

Speaking at an event in the supreme court to mark the centenary of women’s entry into the legal profession, Brenda Hale, president of the supreme court and the first woman to take on that role, made the call for full gender equality across the judiciary.

According to last year’s Ministry of Justice figures, just 29% of court judges are currently women. The ratio of female to male judges is higher in the lower courts but in the UK’s top court, the supreme court, three out of 12 justices are female. The situation in tribunals is more equal with 46% of judges there being female.

Speaking about the importance of diversity in the judiciary, Lady Hale said that, as women made up half of the population, “we should be half of judges at least”. Hale recently said that the 2018 increase to a quarter of judges in the supreme court was an important breakthrough.”

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