Diving Back In: 4 Tips for Restarting a Legal Career

Whether you are a law student about to venture out into a law career for the first time, a not-recent graduate of law school seeking to enter the field of law for the first time, or seeking to return to the practice of law after some time away – this article gives a brief, but substantive, look into what’s ahead for you.  

The author, importantly, has navigated these “waters” herself, fairly recently, and offers some practical steps and encouraging words for you, as you venture forth.

If this might be relevant to you (or someone you know) I hope it is helpful! 

Love to you all, SCC

From the ABA’s BEFORE the BAR, By Thea Pitzen:

“The practice of law is not known for being particularly portable or forgiving of taking ‘time off’ from one’s career. But, for the future of our noble profession, I hope those things are changing. And I believe that they are. For example, as an increasing number of states adopt the Uniform Bar Exam and ease barriers to licensing for particularly mobile groups like military spouse attorneys, career portability becomes more possible. And, there are increasing opportunities for flex time work arrangements and reentry into the profession after time off.”



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