Guess which state has the worst quality of life for women?

Stop being a women-aren’t-being-treated-equally denier. No one wins. The only way we can improve things, for EVERYONE, is by starting with accepting reality. Even sucky reality.


Your loving Admin….who happens to be living squarely in the center of the state with the WORST quality of life for women

From Daily, By CARLY STERN:

“The worst state for women was determined to be Oklahoma — the state which recently passed a bill referring to women as ‘hosts’ for unborn babies.Oklahoma also has one of the largest wage gaps (at 73.2 cents) and actually saw its wage gap grow more than any other state from 2007 to 2015, by 5.57 per cent.”

More on these disturbing facts, for reality-check AND inspiration by CLICKING THIS LINK.

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