As a former so-called “Army Brat” I know at least a little about what it means to be a non-military member of a military member’s family.

Thankfully, as a kiddo in the 70’s, I WAS the kiddo in my military family. My mom’s experience, as military spouse, was not as fun nor marked with as much freedom we kids had (you know, as long as we didn’t get in trouble and mess up our dad’s chances at the next promotion).  Bottom line, WAY back then she did NOT feel the freedom to be employed – and even if she wanted to work outside the home – getting a job with the I’m-leaving-in-a-few-years (or sooner, who knows) military-spouse situation sure made it even harder.   

These days, a working spouse has many of the same hurdles – and finding work as an attorney in these circumstances is made exponentially more difficult by the fact that taking a new bar exam almost always meets the spouse with every new station. I was thrilled to see this new provision out of Michigan which is a SIGNIFICANT game-changer for military spouse attorneys.

Love to you all, SCC

From Military Spouse J.D. Network, By ELIZABETH JAMISON:

“The new provision provides that a military spouse attorney licensed to practice in another jurisdiction and in good standing, and whose service member spouse is assigned to a duty station in Michigan, may apply for admission without an additional bar examination and practice in the jurisdiction until (1) the service member spouse is no longer on active duty; (2) the military spouse attorney is no longer married to the service member spouse; or (3) the service member spouse receives a permanent change of duty station outside of the state.”

More on this exciting new development by CLICKING THIS LINK.

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