Road Blocks: Mail Chimp and Personal Limits

“Dang it!” – ME

Today. Yesterday. Last week. Etc…

There’s a lot of that going on these days.

While I do have a firm grasp on my lack of perfection, it doesn’t stop me from boldly [and at times, blindly] seeking to do stuff perfectly EVERY time – THE FIRST TIME.  Naturally, any and all things associated with GIRL ATTORNEY, LLC are no different from the rest of my life, accordingly.

Still, I have been confronted with the stark contrast between my earnest intentions and reality much more often than usual – even for me – lately.  The latest such “Dang it!” moment is represented in the image, above.  “Default text content” Right. I don’t even know what that means.  Also, “Resolve” is a lie perpetrated by the good people of Mail Chimp who have failed to make this issue noticeable-enough to the developers I hired to address this issue before they told me the Template for my email Newsletter was ready-to-go, AND/OR have failed to make this issue easily-resolveable enough for me to handle on my own.  As stated above, I know I’m not perfect – but if I can’t actually follow the “Resolve” button to a corner of Mail Chimp’s place on the internet, read the instructions in my native language, and actually resolve the issue….well, “Resolve” is a misnomer at best, and Mail Chimp’s a liar at worst.

But enough about the latest reminder of my humanity (and my interest in blaming it on Mail Chimp).  We’ll get these Newsletter issues worked out next week, and shoot for next Saturday, instead.

The fact is, whether it is the unfamiliar territory of handling a mass mail Newsletter Template – resulting in a delayed performance, speaking to a jury for the first time, arguing your first Motion to a Judge, or arguing your 1,000th Motion – but on an area of law that is wholly brand new to you, etc….it’s all the same, really.

Each is an opportunity to do what your mama told you: YOUR BEST.

Never forget, GIRLS: you are good enough, smart enough, got-what-it-takes enough, standing-up-straight enough, ATTORNEY enough, and GIRL enough to do what you have to do.  YOU are the one for the job you’ve been given. Beyond your knowledge base and your experience, give what you’ve got – give YOU. Under every circumstance, do YOUR BEST, and under no circumstance do you beat yourself up when you’re not perfect.

Actually, about ten years ago I was given the opportunity to give a TEDx talk on the topic of “Resiliency” (which, embarrassingly, I still cannot spell correctly without looking it up first). I presented on this topic from the perspective of how learning to be accepting of my imperfections, enabled me to achieve beyond and in spite of them.  The title of my Talk (and you may click on the title to view the Talk) was, The Imperfect Path to Peace.  Apparently, for better or worse, this is a central theme of my life.

Yes, of course I wish the first Newsletter could have gone out today – as planned. However, perhaps this message…seeing value in acknowledging the lack of perfection both honestly, and with hope about and for the “next steps,” in spite of your imperfection…is of more value to one, or some, than a re-hash of last week’s posts and a yet another “Welcome to Girl Attorney” would have been.

Yeah, pretty sure (at a minimum) no actual harm was done to ANYONE (merely my ego) in the delaying of this Newsletter – and I’ve decided to choose to hope that some better good was done from spreading this message, instead:


Love you all,

Susan Carns Curtiss, Founder and CEO GIRL ATTORNEY, LLC, Owner Carns Curtiss Law, PLLC, TEDx Speaker


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