The First Museum Dedicated To American Women’s History Is Coming To New York City

Gals who know me personally, know I have been (since seeing the movie Hidden Figures), talking A LOT about my suspicions that my complete fascination and – well – obsession with Harriet Tubman is quite possibly NOT just because she was a badass…but, at least in part, because she was also QUITE POSSIBLY the only woman I learned about – year in, and year out, while in school – growing up.

Seriously.  I mean, I’ll admit I also recall being very impressed too with Martha Washington; hiding the flag under her dress was definitely legit.  But, really, that’s it.  

Can you even IMAGINE how strange it would be for our male counterparts if they had grown up hearing only about the women of influence – save a couple of guys… Let’s say, George Washington and – hmm…..Alexander Hamilton.  That’s it. Everyone else were women of influence.  

If you’re tempted to think that there just really weren’t women in significant roles – think again. Hidden Figures is a GREAT example.  There’s just no GOOD reason at all that we weren’t taught about those women – right alongside the lessons about the NASA launches where we learned about John Glenn.

Okay – well, anyway, one of the things I love about this Community – and my role in it – is that I get the opportunity to spend my so-called “spare” time – catching up on those lessons I wasn’t taught as a kiddo.  Also, sharing that information with you all makes me so happy – especially since I like to imagine that some of these tidbits are passed along to your friends, significant others, and…..the kiddos in your lives (your own, your extended family – or, you know, those kids who are waiting in the grocery line ahead of, or behind, you).  

Hey, there’s no law against educating random children about AMAZING WOMEN IN HISTORY.  Trust me, I’m a lawyer.  

Well, for those of you who are in NYC, and for those of you who are going for business or pleasure – I thought you would want to know about this exciting new resource for learning about women in U.S. History

Love to you all, SCC

From Bustle, authored by  :

“You may be thinking, “What? There are currently no women’s history museums in the U.S.?” And the unfortunate answer to that incredible question is yes. As the New York Times recently reported, the Center for Women’s History will be the nation’s first museum to permanently highlight historical figures who are women and U.S. women’s history.”

More on the purpose and the opening of this exciting new museum by CLICKING THIS LINK.

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