I Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Workout. It Nearly Broke Me.

Oh Ruth, Oh Ruth, how many ways do we love thee?  

A warrior in not just ONE area of your life, but freakin’ ALL, EVERY day, in EVERY way.    

This article tells the story of the author, “young and reasonably fit,” determined to do RBG’s actual workout routine.  

The gentleman who trains RBG (and Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan), Bryant Johnson (whom is FOR HIRE, GAs in D.C.), let the author into the gym – and RBG’s two-times-weekly routine.  

I think I will, I think I will, (well I won’t do it today – I read the article – I know I am not physically capable of doing all that TODAY), but…I think I will try it today, and every few days – until RBG and I are virtual exercise buddies (BFFs).  Maybe you will find inspiration too!

“Since Trump’s election, Ginsburg’s continued survival has become a matter of severe anxiety for liberals, many of whom pressured her in vain to resign during the Obama years to ensure that a Democrat appointed her successor. On Thursday night, during an appearance at George Washington University, she vowed, “I will do this job as long as I can do it full steam.” Worried about just how long that will be, people have been offering to send her kale or donate blood or clad her in protective padding, and it’s not entirely clear they are joking.

To address their concerns, I set out to investigate the world’s most important workout, an endeavor that the chambers of Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan all promptly declined to have anything to do with.1

This was a setback. But there was a loophole. Though the justices wouldn’t touch this, Johnson was free to cooperate. Was there some way to simulate the RBG workout without Ginsburg herself?

I determined to undergo the workout myself, and to write about it. To meet a sufficient evidentiary standard to prove this actually happened, we would also have to film it.

I’m no athlete, but I’m young and reasonably fit. I thought the workout would be pattycake, but it was much harder than I expected. Ginsburg’s personal trainer, it turns out, is no joke.”


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