How To Stop Treating Conversation Like Cross-Examination

Oh, my poor kids.  It’s the disconnected “logic” that gets me every time.  Well, it “gets me” ON MY KID’S CASE…so to speak.  

Mercifully, I don’t find myself as tempted to “spar” (<- hahaha, a freaking combat word – but seriously) with my husband.  Maybe his mama just trained HIM well?  At any rate, this story was shared by some of the Group Members this week, and I enjoyed it and found it interesting/helpful – hope you do too!

Love to you all, SCC

From Above the Law authored by  Kara Loewentheil:

“To take one example: Fixating on logical errors in someone’s statement like a bloodhound on the scent is a natural lawyer brain reaction in the moment. But it actually doesn’t prove anything or move the dialogue forward. People say inconsistent things sometimes – pointing it out scores you points in a legal argument, but if you do it when someone is trying to express their feelings for you, all you’re demonstrating is that you value logic more than their lived experience and the rapport they are trying to build with you.

Have your friends, family, or romantic partners ever told you to stop ‘arguing like a lawyer?’ This is what they mean.”

Read the full story, which might help you better understand yourself, still BE yourself, and connect well with others, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

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