Study finds female Supreme Court justices are interrupted more than male justices

Nope. It’s not just you.  It’s Justice Ginsberg, Justice Sotomayor, and Justice Kagan, too.  

It’s all of us, and we need to be aware of how and when these interruptions happen, so that we can better COMBAT against them. “Combat” you say (question)…”yep,” I respond, unapologetically.  

Even if the folks around us are not actually targeting women to keep us quiet – the context I am referring to, is a/the battlefield to-be-heard.  There are so many voices, so many perspectives, so many outlets – we women need to be intentional about making sure we are ready and committed to getting our voices (our ENTIRE sentences) heard. 

Game on, ladies.

Love to you all, SCC

From CBS Evening News authored by  JIM AXELROD:

“‘Here we have subordinates, clear subordinates, i.e. lawyers, interrupting justices who have reached the highest pinnacle of a very high status profession,’ Jacobi says.

‘There are a few strategies,’ says Heidi Moore, who runs the digital magazine Ladders, which explores workplace issues. She says all women can learn from those on the court.”

Read the full story, for the strategies employed by the women of our highest Court, you may by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

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