She beat her husband’s head in with a hammer. Now, her murder conviction has been tossed.

From The Washington Post authored by Isaac Stanley-Becker:

“Her husband wanted bacon and eggs for breakfast, and Sally Challen complied. She set out to buy the items on an August morning in 2010.

But when she returned from the shop — near their home in a leafy village outside London — she became suspicious. She sensed that she had been sent on the errand only to get her out of the house, which she and her husband, Richard Challen, were planning to clear and put on the market in an attempt to start fresh after marital difficulties.

Challen, who was 56, checked her husband’s phone, discovering that he had just spoken to a woman from a dating site. When she asked him to explain, as documented in British media, the 61-year-old shot back coldly, “Don’t question me, Sally.”

She cooked him breakfast over the stove. She served him his bacon and eggs.

And then, as he ate, she retrieved a hammer from her handbag and struck him more than 20 times over the head. To hasten his death, she shoved a tea towel into his mouth. Wrapping him in old curtains and blankets, she left a note on his body that read, “I love you, Sally.” She washed the dishes, got back into her car and returned to the nearby home that she and her 23-year-old son had moved into less than a year before, putting physical distance between her and her husband, the retired owner of a car dealership. They had met when she was 15 and had been married for more than three decades.”

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