Toddler racks up miles as world traveler

From WFAA authored by Kevin Reece:

“If you are one of those people who brags about your airline frequent flyer miles and all the free stuff they give you, stop.

A toddler in north Dallas is putting all of us to shame. His name is Oliver, he’s 21-months old, and his story goes like this. His mom, K.D. Shull, is single, and she was nearing 40 years old.

“And my doctor kind of basically said it’s now or never,” she said. So, after one in vitro fertilization attempt, “I had Oliver and it’s been a whirlwind ever since!”

A whirlwind because Shull is an attorney for a Chinese telecom company. She travels a lot. “I tried once taking a trip without him. He did fine. I did not,” she laughed. “So I’ve continued to take him with me.”

And, almost exclusively on American Airlines, she’s taken him everywhere. By the time Oliver hit his first birthday, he’d had already been on 50 flights.

“He’s a fabulous flyer. It’s so easy to travel with him,” his mom said.

Sometimes a nanny travels with them to watch Oliver during meetings or courtroom trials. Shull says leaving him behind in Dallas, just isn’t an option.”

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