We Recorded VCs’ Conversations and Analyzed How Differently They Talk About Female Entrepreneurs

From Harvard Business Review authored by Malin Malmstrom, Jeaneth Johansson, and Joakim Wincent:

“These personas highlight a few key differences in how the entrepreneurs were perceived depending on their gender. Men were characterized as having entrepreneurial potential, while the entrepreneurial potential for women was diminished. Many of the young men and women were described as being young, though youth for men was viewed as promising, while young women were considered inexperienced. Men were praised for being viewed as aggressive or arrogant, while women’s experience and excitement were tempered by discussions of their emotional shortcomings. Similarly, cautiousness was viewed very differently depending on the gender of the entrepreneur.

Unsurprisingly, these stereotypes seem to have played a role in who got funding and who didn’t. Women entrepreneurs were only awarded, on average….”

Read the full story, by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

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