What Makes a Mentor?

The website, The Girl’s Guide to Law School®, is (unsurprisingly) a great resource for women who are in law school.  But also, I find that they often address issues that are relevant to law school graduates as well.  This story (authored by a law student, following her interview – on the topic of mentoring – with two women attorneys) is a great example of something that both communities can benefit from.

Whether you find yourself interested in finding out more about the possible value of finding mentors for yourself – or you may be considering why and how you could give back to your community by mentoring others – this bite-sized story has substance for you to chew on.  

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From The Girl’s Guide To Law School authored by Gabriella Martin:

“Why Do We Need Mentors?

This is perhaps the most important question of all. I asked both women to summarize in one sentence what they believed to be the importance of mentoring in general. Maggie said, ‘To promote personal and professional development, community service, and to make a difference.’ Part of that promotion includes those who are mentored to return the favor by becoming a mentor themselves. Maggie says that she instills in her mentees the importance of giving back and being there for those who follow in your footsteps.”

Read the full story/interview, by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

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