Twins Dominate ‘Superhero Day,’ Dress As RBG And Sandra Day O’Connor

Well, this story just never gets old.  I came across it again today – and though I am pretty darn sure that most all of you saw it all over social media this past spring – these two cuties and their mama are such a sweet story that I couldn’t resist the draw to remind everyone of their super-fierce adorableness.  

Love to you all, SCC

From Huffington Post, authored b Taylor Pittman:

“I want to raise them to be smart, strong women and worry more about shattering glass ceilings instead of fitting into glass slippers,” she said. “I tell them all the time that they are smart and beautiful and they have the power to change the world.”

Read the full [inspiring/completely-adorable] story, by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.


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