Lawyer suspended for swearing in front of jury, scoffing at trial rulings

This is a cautionary tale that most of us can learn from…well, I think so, anyway….that most of us can admit that on the wrong day, in a particular[ly frustrating] case, we could possibly find ourselves on a path, as Ms. Motta, to what would actually be self-sabotoge and an eventual humble apology to the Court.

In our work – we are as good as our hard work and our passion combined.  Keeping ourselves – our passions – in professional “check” can be a challenge at times.  Let’s be self-aware, encouraging to one another, and good to ourselves so that we are better equipped to deal with the stressors that we are presented with in – and outside of – the courtroom.

Love to you all, SCC

From The Chicago Tribune authored by  Jason Meisner:

“By rule, the order was forwarded to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, which could decide to impose further sanctions. Online ARDC records show Motta has been licensed to practice since 2004 and has never been disciplined.

Reached by telephone, Motta, whose firm has offices in Aurora and downtown Chicago, had no comment Friday for this story. Her attorney, James Doppke, later issued a statement saying she ‘looks forward to moving past this unfortunate situation so that she can resume fighting for those accused of serious crimes in federal court.’

‘Ms. Motta sincerely regrets that she projected her frustration with the system in her demeanor in the way the judge described,’ the emailed statement read.

Doppke said Motta made the profane comment under her breath, but sensitive courtroom microphones picked up the remark.”

Read the full story, by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.


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